How to decide it you had a great date with your partner

Sometimes, it’s clear that a date went well. Conversation flowed, there was chemistry, maybe even a kiss at the end.

It’s also important to notice how your date treats others. If they’re rude or dismissive to servers, passersby, or anyone else, it could be a red flag that they’ll treat you poorly down the line.

1. You both felt comfortable

If you’re comfortable with someone, you know you can trust them. It could be as simple as them allowing you to sit beside them without constantly checking their phone, or it might mean that they don’t try to stop you from spending time with your friends or doing your hobbies.

It’s also good if they’re listening intently, rather than just waiting for their turn to talk. If they’re telling you stories about their own friends or talking about the things that matter to them, it means they want to open that part of their life up to you.

2. You both enjoyed the conversation

One of the best signs that a first date went well is that you both enjoyed the conversation. If there were no awkward pauses and you were both asking questions, this is a good sign.

If your date talked about their friends and seemed interested in hearing you talk about yours, this is another great sign that the date was going well. It means they are thinking about opening that part of their life up to you.

Another good sign is if your date reached out to you right after the date (or within 24 hours). This shows that they thought it went well and were ready to make more plans.

3. You both felt relaxed

It’s not always easy to get a first date right, but if you both felt relaxed and comfortable on your date it can be a good sign that things went well. If you didn’t feel like you were walking on eggshells or worrying about what your date thought of you, that’s a good sign.

You should also be able to tell whether your date was relaxed by how much they smiled and laughed. If your face ached from smiling so much, that’s a great sign that it was a great date!

4. You both felt like you had a good time

A good date should include fun activities that both of you will enjoy. Whether that’s playing with slime or giggling at their dad jokes. Talking about pet peeves, too, can help you gain insight into their personality.

If you both felt like you had a great time, it’s likely that you will want to meet up again. It’s important to check in after the date and say so.

But if you find that your dates don’t work out, it’s okay to move on. As the old saying goes, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

5. You both felt like you were getting to know each other

If you both felt like you were getting to know each other during your date, it means that the date went well. This can include chatting about things such as your hobbies, interests, and family. It can also include talking about your favorite foods and movies.

According to famed relationship researcher John Gottman, supporting your date’s “life dreams” is a sign of a healthy and supportive partner.

This can include things such as their career, social life, and hobbies. It can also include discussing your views on important issues, such as politics.

6. You both felt like you were having a good time

If you both felt like you were having a good time, that is usually a sign of a successful date. If you found yourself laughing and smiling a lot, then that is also a sign of a great date.

If your date kept talking and didn’t stop for even a few minutes, that is another sign that the date went well. This means that they were engaged and interested in what you had to say.

And if they reached out to you within 24 hours after the date, that is also a good sign that they thought the date was a success.

If your date kept asking you about yourself and sharing stories about their life, this can be a sign that they’re interested in getting to know you. This is a great way to assess whether they could be a good match for you in the long run.

However, if they were talking the whole time and never let you get a word in, it might be a red flag that they’re more interested in themselves than in getting to know you. Keep in mind that healthy amounts of silence can also be a good thing in a relationship.