What makes a date really great

Ever wonder how some people can make a date really work out in their favor? Don’t hesitate to go out there and search for that right one. Be aware that we all make mistakes, and we should move on because we cannot edit the past. 

If you want to date Perth escorts that will adore you, while these suggestions are not earth-shattering, these are the basic components that you might want to know: 


A great date is one where you feel like you are really connected with your partner. You are comfortable enough to be yourself, not feel awkward or nervous in their presence, and enjoy the time spent together. As a bonus, it’s also nice if there’s a spark of chemistry between you, and hopefully, the relationship will become romantic

When you’re connecting with your partner, it’s easy to make each other laugh. Laughing together is a sign of good communication and helps you relax in each other’s company. If you can’t laugh and all seems too heavy, then it might be time to reevaluate how serious your feelings are for this person.

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When you’re on a great first date with someone, it helps if there are things you already have in common. Discover if there are any common likes and dislikes. Ask questions about different topics, and it will make conversation easier.

If there are no obvious things in common, don’t worry. Even if someone likes different music or movies, they’re still worth getting to know better. It can actually be a mind-opener learning about their tastes instead of having everything overlap perfectly all at once.


A great date should involve some activity or experience that you both enjoy. Choose an activity that doesn’t require any special skills or equipment. 

As far as activities go, there are many options, such as hiking, biking, and swimming at the beach. Remember that these activities need to be fun and challenging enough so it won’t become boring after a while.  

How They Treat People

If they are rude or dismissive of the waitstaff and other people like the door attendant, it means that their character is not up to your standards. If your date is polite and friendly towards workers, then that’s probably an indicator that their character meets your criteria. 


If you’ve been looking forward to seeing someone all week, it will make your time together even better. We may expect something from the date and have no idea how the person feels. Simply ask them what they expect. 

If they are unsure, then that’s probably good enough for now. However, if someone is clear about their expectations for a first date and even more importantly, if those expectations are compatible with yours, then there shouldn’t be any awkwardness later on when things start heating up between the sheets.  

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid of risks, as life isn’t like a movie. Risks are sometimes necessary if we want our relationships and experiences with other people to grow stronger over time. Take on dating as a new challenge because it might lead somewhere better than where you started.